Since 1955, Ontario's Oldest High School Tournament

Tournament Recipients

  • 2010s
     Championship Consolation 
    2019Notre Dame70G.F.E.S.S58
    Governor Simcoe 55Lakeshore49
    2018Centennial69St. Michael53
    Notre Dame63Greater Fort Erie52
    2017Notre Dame68E.L Crossley64
    Centennial60Denis Morris59
    2016A.N. Myer59Centennial36
    Notre Dame41E.L Crossley33
    2015Notre Dame54Thorold57
    A.N. Myer50Lakeshore47
    2014Notre Dame48Thorold27
    2013Notre Dame48A.N. Myer69
    Eden39E.L. Crossley58
    2012Centennial58Sir Winston Churchill56
    AN Myer50E.L. Crossley25
    2011Notre Dame54Centennial38
    AN Myer48E.L. Crossley24
    2010Notre Dame51Lakeshore49
    Governor Simcoe37E.L. Crossley42
  • 2000s
     Championship Consolation 
    2009Notre Dame49E.L. Crossley55
    AN Myer27Stamford49
    2008Notre Dame61St. Paul44
    AN Myer51Lakeshore41
    2007Notre Dame50E.L. Crossley44
    Dennis Morris43Stamford41
    2006Notre Dame50Centennial54
    Dennis Morris40Port High50
    2005Notre Dame61Governor Simcoe66
    Dennis Morris39Centennial35
    2004Governor Simcoe62Lakeshore52
    St. Paul45Centennial38
    2003Governor Simcoe55Stamford47
    Notre Dame26Port Colborne46
    2002Notre Dame58Lakeshore51
    Governor Simcoe42Grimsby26
    2001Notre Dame62Sir Winston Churchill49
    Holy Cross53Centennial35
    2000Governor Simcoe54Lakeshore42 (OT)
    Notre Dame42Eastdale38
  • 1990s
     Championship Consolation 
    1999Governor Simcoe76Dennis Morris67
    St. Catharine Collegiate50Lakeshore48
    1998Governor Simcoe41E.L. Crossley60
    Notre Dame36Niagara Christian College49
    1997Notre Dame76Monsignor Clancy79
    Dennis Morris63Lakeshore57
    Notre Dame37Centennial61
    1995St. Catharine Collegiate66Westpark69
    Notre Dame50Ridgeway52
    1994Notre Dame56Centennial58
    St. Catharine Collegiate50Westpark37
    1993Notre Dame55E.L. Crossley29
    Japan40Governor Simcoe26
    1992North Park, Brantford68Dennis Morris62
    Notre Dame65E.L. Crossley54
    1991Notre Dame69E.L. Crossley69
    Governor Simcoe63Port Colborne68
    1990Notre Dame57Centennial53
    St. Pat's, Samia51Grantham28
  • 1980s
     Championship Consolation 
    1989Notre Dame52Centennial64
    Dennis Morris49E.L. Crossley44
    1988Governor Simcoe45Centennial39
    Notre Dame42E.L. Crossley31
    1987Dennis Morris75Stamford65
    E.L. Crossley55Welland High44
    1986Stamford77E.L. Crossley31
    Welland High60Centennial22
    1985Welland High51E.L. Crossley30
    Stamford42Abbotsford B.C.27
    1984Notre Dame64Ridgeway39
    Buffalo Kensington45Fort Erie37
    1983Hamilton S'mount68Port Colborne60
    Notre Dame67Fort Erie49
    1982Notre Dame45Dennis Morris56
    1981Notre Dame86E.L. Crossley72
    Welland High56Centennial32
    1980Welland High71Ridgeway46
    Notre Dame70Centennial32
  • 1970s
     Championship Consolation 
    1979E.L. Crossley76Port Colborne55
    Notre Dame62Ridgeway51
    1978Notre Dame61Ridgeway76
    E.L. Crossley40Centennial60
    1977E.L. Crossley62Port Colborne59
    Notre Dame58Ridgeway46
    1976Notre Dame40Ridgeway73
    Welland High35E.L. Crossley51
    1975Notre Dame65Port Colborne56
    Welland High33Fort Erie48
    1974Notre Dame61Ridgeway46
    E.L. Crossley39Port Colborne44
    Notre Dame51Eastdale60
    1972Notre Dame87Eastdale72
    1971Notre Dame59Pelham69
    Eastdale37E.L. Crossley57
    Pelham42Port Colborne37
  • 1960s
     Championship Consolation 
    1969Notre Dame59Fort Erie70
    Pelham40Welland High50
    1968Notre Dame79Port Colborne47
    Fort Erie50E.L. Crossley43
    1967Notre Dame63Port Colborne36
    Fort Erie47E.L. Crossley27
    1966Notre Dame63Pelham52
    Eastdale62Fort Erie22
    1965Notre Dame65Port Colborne46
    1964Notre Dame51Welland High56
    Fort Erie46Port Colborne51
    1963Pelham54Notre Dame44
    Welland High45Port Colborne18
    1962Notre Dame44Pelham46
    Welland High37Fonthill14
    1961Notre Dame68Pelham35
    Welland High37Thorold14
    1960Notre Dame76Pelham34
    Welland High47Fort Erie32
  • 1950s
     Championship Consolation 
    1959Notre Dame41Pelham47
    Welland High40Thorold42
    1958Notre Dame52Thorold45
    Welland High47Ridgeway39
    1957Notre Dame64Port Colborne49
    Thorold Linwell45Dunnville45
    1956No Tournament
    1955Welland High56Pelham44
    Thorold Linwell48Port Colborne39

Tribune Tournament MVP

Each year, the Larry Cooney Trophy is presented to a player, judged by a Selection Committee, as having displayed outstanding athletic abilities during the Tournament. Larry Cooney was a member of the winning Welland High School Tiger team in 1955 and Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 1957. He was involved in the Tribune Tournament from its inception in 1957 until 1995 and was a three time past-chairman.

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    Larry Cooney Trophy

    2020T.J. HurleyE.L. Crossley
    2019David JonesNotre Dame
    2018Kennan LarmandCentennial
    2017Kyle CooperNotre Dame
    2016Tyler ThomsonA. N. Myer
    2015Ryan CooperNotre Dame
    2014Ethan DegazioNotre Dame
    2013Ethan DegazioNotre Dame
    2012Mark FehrmanCentennial
    2011Antonio CarboneNotre Dame
    2010Jonathan MatayaNotre Dame
    2009Cedric KasongoNotre Dame
    2008Cedric KasongoNotre Dame
    2007Dustin DegazioNotre Dame
    2006Chad PatusNotre Dame
    2005Phil PoulinNotre Dame
    2004Rob ParisGovernor Simcoe
    2003Brandon GracieGovernor Simcoe
    2002Aaron BaianoNotre Dame
    2001Rohan SteenNotre Dame
    2000Brett LongpreGovernor Simcoe
    1999Brett LongpreGovernor Simcoe
    1998Ryan ChaffeGovernor Simcoe
    1997Mark VentrescaNotre Dame
    1996Robert BalgacLakeshore
    1995Martin HajekSt. Catharines Collegiate
    1994Danny MulliganNotre Dame
    1993Danny MulliganNotre Dame
    1992Ashook GrewellNorth Park, Brantford
    1991Dave PictonNotre Dame
    1990Dan SandelNotre Dame
    1989Mike RuscittiNotre Dame
    1988Brian BleichGovernor Simcoe
    1987Darren NewboldDenis Morris
    1986John StiefelmeyerStamford Collegiate
    1985Ed MelnaWelland High
    1984Tom SwickNotre Dame
    1983Rob McRaeHamilton
    1982Kevin MooreGrimsby
    1981Mike ZareskiNotre Dame
    1980Terry AnnettWelland High
    1979Jim ZareskiNotre Dame
    1978David SaracinoNotre Dame
    1977Al RosinskiE.L. Crossley
    1976Rick PlatoRidgeway
    1975Tom SkerlakNotre Dame
    1974Tom SkerlakNotre Dame
    1973Bob BlaskoCentennial
    1972Roger AdamsNotre Dame
    1971Peter SaracinoNotre Dame
    1970Claudio DellosoEastdale
    1967Jeff DawPelham
    1966Gord LanceNotre Dame
    1965Alex DanchPort Colborne
    1964Lynn ChristieRidgeway
    1963Fred DaymanPelham
    1962Jack TallonNotre Dame
    1961Paul CaronNotre Dame
    1960John CarpenterNotre Dame
    1959Steve GeigerNotre Dame
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Mike Mitruk Bursary Awards

Mike Mitruk was a long-time member of both the Niagara District Basketball Referee's Association and the Tribune Tournament Basketball Committee. Following is death in 1987, it was the unanimous view of the Tournament Committee that an award should be made in his memory.

The Tribune Tournament Executive made a decision to present an annual bursary to a member of the N.D.B.R.A. who in the previous summer attended a basketball camp to upgrade his or her officiating skills. The recipient will receive a cheque from the Committee for $300 during the presentations on the final night of the tournament.

  • Bursary Award Winners
    2013Rob Caporicci
    2012Rob Caporicci
    2011Mike Ferri
    2010Azlan Bacchus
    2009Jeff Allen
    2008Nick Borich
    2007Gerry McIlhone
    2006Mike Zason
    2005Ron Forstinger
    2004Azlan Bacchus
    2003Aaron Beldings
    2002Pat Rocco
    2001Ryan Bissonnette
    2000Ben Tomiuck
    1999Stephanie Repar
    1998Ted Farrell
    1997Bob Tomiuck
    1996Paul Faris
    1995Mike Mclean
    1994Mike McLean
    1993Norbert Preiner
    1992Mike Holmes
    1991Frank Fox
    1990Guy Caporicci
    1989Sandy Bibeau
    1988Tim Mauro

Cheerleader Awards

Cheerleaders continue to add enthusiasm to the Tribune Tournament with spirited cheers, dynamic stunting and cheer/dance routines. The cheerleaders will be judged on their performances during the basketball games for the Spirit Award and Santo's Pizzeria Award for the best overall cheerleading squad. The top six cheerleaders will be selected to the All-Star Squad.

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    2017Raygen Dufour-DuquetteNotre Dame
    2016Emily NeudorfCentennial
    2015Shae-Lynn HarwoodNotre Dame
    2013Mackenzie ChamberlinNotre Dame
    2012Morgan LouksCentennial
    2011Juliet CamusCentennial
    2010Kelsey WrightCentennial
    2009Crystal NantelCentennial
    2008Gabrielle LaurenceCentennial
    2007Laura MannellCentennial
    2006Carissa CalvertNotre Dame
    2005Lauren BotNotre Dame
    2004Elise GuzdaNotre Dame
    2003Taryn BedeskyNotre Dame
    2002Valerie ColquhounNotre Dame
    2001Deidra ErdelyNotre Dame
    2000Shannon LemayNotre Dame
    1999Angela TancrediNotre Dame
    1998Fiona HarisNotre Dame
    1997Erin ThibodeauNotre Dame
    1996Angela DeNapoliNotre Dame
    1995Georgia ThorntonCentennial
    1994Kristina SmithNotre Dame
    1993Maria DeLucaNotre Dame
    1992Debbie CurcioCentennial
    1991Anastasia VandermostE.L. Crossley
    1990Kristi DanylukCentennial
    1989Kristen KozarNotre Dame
    1988Ali CuizonDenis Morris
    1987Jo BuchananDenis Morris
    1986Andrea NicholasCentennial
    1985Stacia VandermostE.L. Crossley
    1984Cindi Lee EckerE.L. Crossley
    1983Diana SekoCentennial
    1982Chris LandryE.L. Crossley
    1981Carole Lynn DemersEastdale
    1980Briar BegyE.L. Crossley
    1979Shelly HardmanPort
    1978Pam LanskyNotre Dame
    1977Cindy FlemingPort
    1976Linda CutlerPort
    1975Nancy DeyellCentennial
    1974Darragh ThompsonRidegway
    1972Darlene CupolaEastdale
    1971Cathy BillyardFort Erie
    1965Bev MillarRidgeway
    1964Cathy BillyardWelland High
    1963Marju KupperWelland High
    1962Donna AllenThorold
    1961Karen HendersonFonthill
    1960Diane DeSantisWelland High
    1959Betty Ann MoshenkoWelland High
    1958Irene NoblePelham
    1957Diane HicksWelland High
    1955Betty Ann GrenierThorold